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Platypod Extreme Review

This video reviews the Platypod Extreme, a tripod base which allows ground-level setup for your camera. This lightweight, useful photography accessory can allow you to set up your camera in all sorts of places that you wouldn't have been able to reach before.

Financial disclosure

Platypod is a sponsor of the Photo Wonders website that I co-manage with Rick Sammon. I don't have any other financial relationship with Platypod. This is a completely independent review without direct compensation from the manufacturer. We are committed to 100% transparency regarding financial relationships with equipment providers and brand partners, and we strive at all times to ensure that reviews are independent, honest, and free of bias.

Rick Sammon Close Up Bundle

If you are interested in using the Platypod Extreme for close up photography, then check out the Rick Sammon Close Up Bundle, which includes the Extreme, LED lights, goosenecks, and a ball head. This bundle is a great start for delving into the world of macro photography!

Rick Sammon Close Up Bundle by Platypod

Creative Macro Photography

If you really want to learn how to master macro photography, then I highly recommend the Creative Macro Photography ebook by Charles Needle. Charles guides you through all the necessary steps to discover magical treasures in tiny worlds that are ordinarily overlooked by the human eye and inspires you to capture them creatively, with heart and vision.

Creative Macro Photography ebook

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