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I'm professional photographer Ian Plant, founder of Photo Masters. Give me just one hour of your time, and I will share some of my favorite techniques for taking photos with impact.


Thanks, you should get your webinar link soon!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

Tell a story and make a connection with the viewer.

Lead the eye into the scene and engage visual interest.

Capture unique moments that inspire and amaze. 


Achieve unique perspectives that grab attention.


Transform your subjects using artistic principles.


Use light and weather to create impact.

About Me

Photographer. Educator. Adventurer.

I've been a full-time pro photographer for almost twenty years. I travel the world looking for the most amazing places and subjects to capture with my camera, and I've reached hundreds of thousands of photography enthusiasts through my articles, ebooks, and instructional videos. And I want to help you become the best photographer you can be! 

Thanks, you should get your webinar link soon!

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