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Author: Charles Needle

159-page PDF ebook

digital download


Learn how to create unusual and striking artistic close-up images both in the field and in your own backyard or kitchen table with this best-selling 159-page eBook that’s brimming with fresh, creative ideas. Charles guides you through all the necessary steps to discover magical treasures in tiny worlds that are ordinarily overlooked by the human eye and inspires you to capture them creatively, with heart and vision. 


Using step-by-step illustration photos, stunning full-color examples, and clear understandable text, Charles shares professional tips and techniques he has developed in his 20+ years of teaching macro photography.


Chapter highlights include:

  • Learning how to see
  • Macro equipment & gadgets
  • Specialty macro lenses
  • Fundamentals of macro photography
  • Creative lighting and composition
  • How to use depth-of-field and selective focus creatively
  • How to use everyday household objects, glass and colorful backgrounds to enhance your macro photography


Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Mindful Photography - Learn how to observe and strengthen your visual acuity. "Making" vs. "taking" a photograph. Shooting from the heart.
  • Chapter 2: Equipment - A comprehensive description of available tools and macro accessories to help you capture close-up subjects, including unusual hard-to-find gadgets.
  • Chapter 3: Fundamentals of Macro Photography - Practicing basic macro concepts, such as: depth-of-field, exposure, focusing techniques, composition, creative lighting and fill-flash.
  • Chapter 4: Using Props to Enhance Your Close-up Photography - 20 different creative macro techniques using everyday household objects, illustrated and explained with detailed, step-by-step instructions.
  • Chapter 5: Selective-Focus Macro - How to direct the viewer's eye to areas within a macro photograph using selective focus. Shooting close-ups with a telephoto lens, extension tubes, wide-angle lens, or Lensbaby.
  • BONUS Chapter 6: Creative Camera Techniques - Thinking outside the box. How to create Impressionistic, painterly photographs in-camera using multiple-exposures, montages, camera movement, and other techniques.


Appendix & Resource Guide:

  • Macro accessories you can purchase from Charles
  • Other Useful Equipment Links, Sources for Macro Props
  • Helpful Books
  • Magazines & Newsletters
  • Photography Organizations
  • Online Macro Resources
  • Inspiring Photographers & Their Websites
  • Public Gardens to Visit & Photograph

Creative Macro Photography

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