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Telephoto Zoom Lenses

In this video, Photo Masters host Ian Plant talks with Noah Buchanan, the gear expert at Hunt's Photo, about telephoto zoom lenses for digital cameras. Telephoto zooms give you increased flexibility for framing subjects, and are useful for a variety of photo subjects including wildlife, travel, and landscape. Ian and Noah discuss several popular telephoto zoom options, as well as features and characteristics to consider when you are looking to buy a telephoto zoom lens for your digital camera system.

Email Noah at to inquire about any of the following promotions:

  • Save 5% off all Tamron lenses.

  • Save 5% off all Sigma lenses.

  • Save 10% off all Olympus lenses.

  • Save 10% off all Fuji lenses.

Email Noah at for special pricing on all Nikon, Canon, and Sony lenses. If you are in the market for any other gear or equipment, email Noah for a custom quote.

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