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Volunteer Point

This remote destination is home to a large colony of several thousand king penguins, as well as a number of gentoo and Magellanic penguins. This amazing spectacle of sight and sound presents unique opportunities for photographers.

Where: Volunteer Point is a headland on the east coast of East Falkland, in the Falkland Islands, northeast of the city of Stanley. Volunteer Point is a privately owned nature reserve, part of Johnson’s Harbour Farm. It is accessible from Stanley by an overland vehicle journey or by helicopter. Most visitors do day trips from Stanley, but limited lodging is available in the warden’s house at Volunteer Point.

When: King penguins are found at Volunteer Point year round, but if you want photos of penguins incubating their eggs, November to mid-January is your best bet. Mid-January to February is typically when chicks hatch.

Photography: Please follow all of the warden's rules and obey posted signs. Although you should avoid getting too close to penguins, they are often rather curious and might approach you, offering opportunities for wide-angle photography. You will have a chance to use longer lenses and telephotos as well. Prime areas for photography include the nesting site and the beach, where you can observe penguins swimming and walking along the sand. Lying on the ground gives you a compelling "eye-to-eye" perspective. If you want to be on location for sunrise and sunset light, you'll need to arrange for an overnight stay.

Learn more: You can learn more about visiting Volunteer Point and the Falklands generally from the Falkland Islands Tourist Board website:

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