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Skogafoss is a massive waterfall (197 feet tall) along Iceland's southern coast. This beautiful falls is a can't miss for any trip to Iceland.

Where: Skogafoss is visible from the Ring Road on Iceland's southern coast, and is about a two hour drive from Reykjavik. Turn left off the main road to get to the parking area below the falls. When: Skogafoss delights anytime of year. The surrounding foliage will be greenest during the spring and summer. Winter can be an enchanting time to visit the falls, especially on a clear night when the Northern Lights are dancing in the sky overhead.

Photography: Overcast conditions offer soft, even illumination, but sunny days allow you to capture a spray rainbow below the falls. Use a polarizer filter to remove glare from the water and surrounding foliage (if you are photographing the spray rainbow, a polarizer can remove the rainbow, but it can also make it look more intense; keep spinning until you make the rainbow pop out from its surroundings). A neutral density filter might also be useful to lengthen your exposures to get that silky smooth water effect. Depending on how far or close to the falls you walk, Skogafoss can be photographed using a variety of lenses ranging from telephoto to wide-angle. It's an easy walk from the parking area to the base of the falls, or take the steep trail going along the side of the falls for different perspectives. Learn more: Click here to learn more information about traveling to Skogafoss.

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