Photo Masters LIVE with Charles Needle

This is the replay video of our recent Photo Masters LIVE webinar with guest co-host pro photographer Charles Needle. Charles specializes in impressionistic and macro photography, and he shares many lovely images and techniques in this webinar. I also share some recent work from trips to Grand Teton National Park and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Charles and I compare our approaches and techniques, and find that despite very different photography styles, we actually have a lot of common ground.

You can learn more about Charles and see his excellent photography on his website: You can also find more information about his workshops and his newsletter.

If you want to learn more about how Charles makes his photos, please check out two of his ebooks: Creative Macro Photography and Impressionistic Photography.

Also, watch the interview I did with Charles where we discuss in depth his techniques and artistic approach.

Please stay tuned and join me for the next Photo Masters LIVE webinar!

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