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Create Stunning Photo Websites with SlickPic

I recently switched my personal website over to SlickPic, which is a portfolio website builder designed specifically for photographers. I'm really impressed with how SlickPic displays my photos in ultra-sharp high resolution, but still manages quick loading times. You can learn more about the features of SlickPic in the video below, where I sit down with members of their development and marketing team to discuss what makes SlickPic stand out from other portfolio website builders.

SlickPic is primarily an online portfolio service that allows you to build a website around your photo portfolio. It's different than, for example, a website builder like Wix, which is what I previously used for my personal website (and what I use for the Photo Masters website). Wix has a very robust website designer, will lots of easy WYSIWYG design options. It's great for designing complex sites and incorporating all sorts of features and add-ons, but Wix sites can be slow, especially if you have lots of high-resolution media. I found that I had to constantly shrink media to keep my portfolio running smoothly, and as a result, I just didn't feel that my photos looked their very best.

That's where SlickPic shines. It is designed for photographers, with a priority on optimizing the look and speed of your online portfolio. The SlickPic website builder isn't as robust or as easy to use as Wix, but Wix can't compete with SlickPic when it comes to displaying your photos in high-resolution glory. And, if you want to unlock more robust website design features, you can upgrade to SlickPic's "customer design" Bespoke plan, which puts the SlickPic design team to work for you. Just tell them what you want for your website, and they will work with you to make it happen. So, if you find SlickPic's do-it-yourself website builder to be too limiting, the Bespoke plan is always an option to make sure you get the site you want.

SlickPic Savings

SlickPic is offering some exclusive discounts for Photo Masters readers. You can either get a 25% off discount on their “Done-for-You” Bespoke website portfolio design service for the lifetime of your account, or save 15% on their best “Do-It-Yourself” plan. Click on the button below to learn more and claim your discount!

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Dec 27, 2023

Interesting. Good to know. Does it have the ability to search your portfolio? Like, could I search "polar bear" to see all your nice photos of polar bears?

Ian Plant
Ian Plant
Dec 28, 2023
Replying to

I checked with the SlickPic design team and a search feature is not available.

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