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The Creative Companion contains over 50 composition, lighting, and creative styles. Ebook in PDF format, 153 pages, sized for optimum viewing on a smart phone. Simply save it to your phone as a handy digital reference!


This portable digital reference is designed to provide you with inspiring ideas for creating your own compelling photographs, accompanied by helpful suggestions. These examples represent a number of composition, lighting, and creative “styles” that you can incorporate into your own photography. This is designed as a handy reference for adventurers, and it includes creative styles optimized for landscape, wildlife, and travel photography. 


Using this resource is simple! It is designed to be saved to your smart phone, so you can pull it up whenever you need some inspiration. There are plenty of examples of creative concepts within; just flip through the pages until you see a style that fits the scene or subject you are photographing. Each style shows one or more examples, along with some key bullet points to help you get the photo. This resource is not meant to offer comprehensive tutorials; rather, it is designed to give you some creative ideas and to offer some helpful tips.

The Photographer's Creative Companion: Adventure Pack

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