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Author: Ian Plant

95-page PDF digital ebook

60-minute video class


Street photography is the study of the human condition, relying heavily on making candid photos of people in public places and capturing stories about people and the places they live and gather.


But even more than that, street photography involves capturing ephemeral moments when subject matter, mood, composition, and light come together to create a meaningful or artistic photograph. The challenge of street photography — and its unique appeal — is finding a way to turn the mundane things we see every day into art.


In this ebook and video bundle, acclaimed photographer Ian Plant takes you to the streets on a visual journey, teaching you the fundamentals of street photography — exploring not just the technical aspects, but also the artistic philosophies that are at the core of his creative photography process. You’ll get detailed lessons related to equipment, use of light, composition, working with people, and mastery of the moment. These lessons won't just improve your street photos; they'll also make you a stronger photographer all around.

Taking it to the Streets: The Art of Street Photography (bundle)

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