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Using Artificial Light for Photography

In this video, I talk with Noah Buchanan from Hunt's Photo about using artificial light for photography. Artificial light is useful for a number of photography types, including night, wildlife, portrait, wedding, and studio photography. We discuss various LED light and flash options. Also included below is a PRO subscriber exclusive video showing me using a portable LED light to illuminate a Parson's chameleon while photographing in Madagascar, and then I share my processing techniques in the digital darkroom.

Hunt's has great deals for some of the products discussed in the video. If you are in the market for these or any other photography related gear or equipment, please email Noah at to inquire!

Madagascar Chameleon: PRO Video

In the video below, I demonstrate using a portable LED light to illuminate a Parson's chameleon in the Andasibe rain forest of Madagascar, and then I take you into the digital darkroom with me to show you how I process the image. This video is available to PRO subscribers only. A PRO subscription takes a deeper look at how compelling photos are made, and unlocks access to this video as well as a number of my other courses and tutorials.

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