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Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi is renowned for an abundant array of wildlife species, including elephants, cape buffalo, baboons, hippos, lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, a variety of antelope, crocodiles, and plenty of other species. Its remoteness makes getting there and exploring the park a true African wilderness adventure.

Where: The park is located in southeast Zambia along the north bank of the Zambezi River. The park is very isolated, requiring access by small plane, boat, or 4x4 safari vehicle. The closest major airport is in Lusaka. You'll want to book with a lodge within the park; they can help with transportation and arrange your guided safari outings.

When: The best time to visit Lower Zambezi is during the dry season from July to October; during this time, wildlife gathers near the river. Most park lodges only operate seasonally, with most being closed from December to mid-March.

Photography: You'll have many different opportunities for photography. A guided safari vehicle is the best way to quickly move about and find photogenic wildlife. You can find wildlife all day long, but the golden hours of sunrise and sunset are the most magical. During those times, look for opportunities to photograph species surrounded by backlit foliage.

Another way to see and photograph wildlife is by taking a guided canoe trip, giving you a water-level view of hippos in the river. Elephants also come down to the river to drink. Canoes are obviously less stable platforms for photography than safari vehicles, so avoid bringing too much heavy equipment, and be especially careful when getting in and out of the canoe. A dry bag for your camera gear might be a good thing to bring along.

Learn more: You can find out more information about visiting Lower Zambezi National Park and accommodations here:

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