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The Antarctica Photo Experience: An Interview with Marc Muench

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with professional landscape and wildlife photographer Marc Muench about photographing Antarctica, one of the most amazing photo destinations on Planet Earth. Marc has spent a lifetime seeking composition, light, and decisive moments in the outdoor world. His life is now devoted to teaching others how important these concepts are in their quest to learn photography. In this video interview, Marc shares his photos, stories, experiences, and insights about photographing the icy continent.

Antarctica Photo Workshop

I'm pleased to be teaming up with Marc and Muench Workshops for their Antarctica Photo Workshop, November 30 – December 11, 2023. I hope you will join us! If you decide to register, use the following discount code and get $1500 off: IanPlant

About Marc Muench

Passion for photography runs deep in the Muench family: Marc's father is legendary landscape photographer David Muench, and Marc's grandfather Joseph was also a famous landscape photographer. Marc’s work is inspired by the time he spent in the field throughout his childhood, traveling with his family to most of the National Parks, wildlife preserves, and wilderness areas throughout the United States. Marc brings his own unique artistic style to the Muench legacy.

Muench Workshops offers personal instruction and an all-inclusive experience so you can focus on your photography. Founded in 2007, they collaborate with the best pros and local guides to offer the ultimate learning environment for landscape and wildlife photographers. Learn more:

Antarctica Photo Workshop

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