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PictureCorrect's Photography Adventure Cheat Sheets

Every photographer knows what it's like to miss the perfect shot, especially when they're in an unfamiliar environment and don't know the right camera settings to use. PictureCorrect's Photography Adventure Cheat Sheets can help you solve this once and for all! 

Check out my overview of their cheat sheets below. 

Photography Adventure Cheat Sheets by PictureCorrect - What Can You Learn? 

When you travel to new locations during your adventures, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed. What if you capture the most beautiful location at sunset, only to come home and realise that your photographs aren't as appealing as you'd like them to be?

To help photographers avoid this frustration, PictureCorrect has created a large collection of cheat sheets with tips on camera settings, lighting, timing, and much more

Here are just a few examples of cheat sheets that can help you take visually appealing images:

  • Auroras

  • Lunar or solar eclipses

  • Air shows

  • Sunset or sunrise  

  • Lightning

  • Birds in flight

  • Snowy scenes

  • Seascapes

  • And much, much more. 

The cheat sheets come with additional tips for photographers, such as tips on reading a histogram, an exposure triangle, camera mode settings, and a packing checklist. All of these tips can serve as helpful tools during your photography adventures. 

picturecorrect photography adventure cheat sheets

Who Are They For? 

In my opinion, beginning and intermediate photographers will benefit the most from these cheat sheets. However, even advanced photographers might find these cheat sheets useful when taking photos in scenes that are unfamiliar to them

It's not often you come across a lunar eclipse or a fireworks show, so even an advanced photographer might need some help in these situations. 

Generally, I think these cheat sheets are ideal for photographers who shoot a wide variety of subjects. They offer a great starting point for photographers who want to take striking photographs of different locations and subjects at different times of day. 

How to Use the Cheat Sheets

The cheat sheets come in a PDF format. You can approach this in two ways:

- Print out individual cheat sheets that you'll most likely need for your photo shoot.

- Download the cheat sheets to your mobile device. 

If you're looking to photograph a specific scene or two, it might be better to print out individual sheets. This way, you'll be able to read the text easily. You'll also be able to quickly refer to the cheat sheets whenever you need guidance during your shoots. 

Using a mobile device can also be great if you need help in a variety of areas while travelling. And, having the cheat sheets on your mobile device means that the information is always with you, wherever you go. 

picturecorrect photography adventure cheat sheets

General vs. Specific Tips 

It's important to note that some of these cheat sheets contain very general information on certain topics, especially when a broad genre is covered. Examples of this include the cheat sheets for wildlife and portrait photography; both of these are very broad photography genres, which can be approached in many different ways. However, the basic settings covered in these cheat sheets will provide a great baseline starting point, making it more likely you will get effective images. 

Some of the other cheat sheets in this collection are very specific. You'll find detailed information on focused subjects, like fireworks photography.

Overall, PictureCorrect's cheat sheets are an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for anyone who wants to take amazing photographs wherever they go.

If this has caught your interest, you can download the cheat sheets here.

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