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Kah-Wai Lin Interview

In this interview, I sit down on location in Norway with pro photographer Kah-Wai Lin. Kah-Wai has an amazingly diverse portfolio, and he leads photo tours to incredible photo destinations around the world. In this interview, we discuss his background before becoming a photographer, and what motivates and inspires him in his search for unique and compelling photo subjects.

Here are links to Kah-Wai's website, his online camera and telescope retail store, and his various social media accounts.

Kah-Wai has a great photo portfolio and he runs many photo tours every year.

My ebook "Visual Flow" is now part of my Ultimate Photography Composition Course, which is available for solo purchase on this site or as part of a PRO membership.

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01. Feb. 2023

So glad I listened and watched. I have new respect for Kah-Wai after hearing him share and especially hearing the part about not taking his own camera out on tours. Initially, it bothered me that he threw around his non-photography credentials, because I have met dozens of landscape photographers that are extremely well educated but do not toss out their credentials. I do understand why someone would leave one profession for another. Well handled interview, Ian!

Gefällt mir
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