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Grand Teton Range from U.S. Highway 191/89

The Grand Teton Range is one of the most dramatic mountain ranges in the world. And there's no better place to view and photograph the range than from U.S. Highway 191/89, which parallels the range for over 40 miles. Virtually anywhere you stop along this road offers glorious views of these iconic peaks.

Where: Highway 191/89 cuts through Grand Teton National Park, just north of Jackson, Wyoming.

When: Summer, fall, and winter are the best seasons to photograph the Tetons. In early July, arrowleaf balsamroot blooms in profusion. Autumn color typically comes to the Tetons at the end of September. Winter transforms the park into a snowy wonderland, and Highway 191/89 is plowed regularly, allowing access to the park for photography.

Photography: Since the peaks face east, sunrise is the best time to get colorful light on the mountains. Sunset can be rewarding as well, but the mountains will be in shadow with the sun setting behind them.

There are several pull-offs and side roads along Highway 191/89, all offering slightly different perspectives on the mountains. These include the Snake River Overlook and Schwabacher Landing, both made famous by Ansel Adams. But be aware that if you photograph either of these locations, you'll be competing with many other photographers for prime spots, and neither are as good as they were in Ansel's day (the trees have grown up since then, partially blocking the views). Instead, you should explore to find perspectives that avoid the crowds and offer something slightly more unique. Learn more: The Grand Teton National Park website is the best place to start to learn more and check out current park and road conditions.

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