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Are you interested in making money from your photography as a side hustle or a full-time gig? This class will help you boost your confidence and start your own photography business. In this presentation, 20-year veteran pro photographer Ian Plant will teach you how to successfully monetize your photography skills. You’ll learn how to make money through:

  • Fine art prints and art fairs

  • Image licensing and stock photo sales

  • Photo workshops and tours

  • Books and self-publishing

  • Assignments 

  • Other ways to monetize photography

This class covers a range of different photography genres, although the main focus will be nature photography. Whether you’re looking to sell photos for fun, earn some extra money, or pursue a full-time photography career, this class can help you turn your photography dreams into a real business. This is a replay video of a live webinar class. (PRO Members can access this recording as part of their membership on the Pro Webinars Channel). 


"This was the BEST and most HONEST webinar I have attended on this subject! Your presentation on all aspects of the photography business was excellent!! Thank You for sharing your knowledge clearly and honestly!" -Vic B.


"Thanks very much for the most comprehensive presentation on earning money from photography I've ever watched." -Brendan B. 


"I liked your webinar and thought it was a very thorough overview for anyone who wanted to pursue [a career in photography]." -Ron S.

Making Money From Your Photography

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