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The magic hours are a special time of day when the light is perfect for different kinds of outdoor photography. Including the golden hour and the blue hour, the magic hours occur at sunrise, sunset, and twilight.


Everyone loves photographing during the magic hours, but it can be harder than you think to get it right. These scenes are often challenging to photograph because of many factors, including technical limitations and contrast. Fortunately, the right approach can help you take absolutely incredible photographs during the magic hours. 


In this class, professional photographer Ian Plant will take you through the entire process of taking photos during the magic hour. Here's what he'll cover in this class:

  • Best camera settings for magic hour photography

  • Composition tips to make your sunrise, sunset, and twilight photos look amazing

  • Important things to know about each time of day

  • Common magic hour photography mistakes and how to avoid them

...and much more!


This class is a recording of a live webinar. PRO members can access this video on the PRO Webinar Channel. MP4 video download, 87 minutes.

How to Photograph the Magic Hours

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$16.00Sale Price

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