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Where to focus is an important consideration when making photos, and a photographer needs to make an informed decision about what parts of the photo will be rendered sharp or blurry. This course contains almost two hours of discussion and demonstration of field and digital darkroom techniques that will help you better understand how focus works, selective focus, where to focus, bokeh, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, focus stacking, and other related topics.


PRO Members: This course is available to PRO members as part of their subscription.


Course videos include:

  • Introduction to Creative Focus
  • Bokeh
  • Selective Focus
  • Where to Focus
  • Intentional Use of Bokeh
  • Hyperfocal Distance
  • Focus Stacking in the Field
  • Sharpening Out of Focus Areas
  • Adding a Background Blur
  • Focus Stacking Using Helicon Focus
  • Creative Focus Supplemental Webinar
  • Lens Blur


Digital download: MP4 videos compressed into a zip file. 125+ minutes of instruction.

Creative Focus Course

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