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Make the Most of Platypod's 3-Day Flash Sale!

I'm happy to announce that Platypod just announced a 3-day flash sale to help you save big during the holiday season!

During this sale, you can save $34 by getting a Multi-Accessory Bundle. This bundle includes the eXtreme, which is one of Platypod's newest tripods. Thanks to the tripod's hinged spike feet, you'll be able to safely produce creative photographs from a unique perspective.

At 9.6 ounces, the eXtreme is a light tripod, making it the perfect addition to your travel kit.

The bundle also includes accessories that will help you have fun and comfortable photoshoots anywhere. In the Multi-Accessory Kit, you'll find:

  • 3-inch spigot adapter for portable and studio lighting

  • Silicone pad to secure grip on flat surfaces

  • 36-inch cinch strap for securing your Platypod on things like trees and poles

  • 3" carabiner in a drawstring pouch

You can combine this offer with Platypod's Instant Loyalty Rebates. As an example, if your order is over $350, you'll get $75 off with the promo code 75off350.

Platypod is currently offering free shipping in the U.S. (for orders over $99) and internationally (for orders over $200).

These offers are only available on Check them out today to save money and help a friend (or yourself!) take unique and artistic photographs.

Offer expires after midnight, November 10th.

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