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Anja Community Reserve

This beautiful nature reserve is home to a high concentration of ring-tailed lemurs, as well as other species. The lemurs are very comfortable around people, allowing you amazing photography opportunities. The beautiful mountains and pastoral countryside surrounding the reserve add to the overall experience.

Where: Anja is located in the southern part of the central highlands of Madagascar, near the town of Ambalavao.

When: You can visit Anja anytime of year, but September and October are the best months for seeing baby lemurs. The lemurs are most active in the early morning and afternoon.

Photography: You'll likely see plenty of lemurs, in a variety of settings. Your guide will help you find a number of excellent photo opportunities, ranging from lemurs exploring the forest, coming down from the trees to get a drink, or taking "sun baths" on large boulders perched above the forest. Sometimes the lemurs will be close, sometimes farther away, so a variety of lenses ranging from normal focal lengths to long telephotos will all be useful. Overcast light works well with the lemurs. On sunny days, you'll find the photography more challenging, but you can creatively use mixed light and backlighting to create photos that stand out.

In addition to the wildlife of Anja, the landscapes in and around the reserve are stunning. Dramatic, sheer mountains rise all around, and the lowland areas are filled with rolling hills and farms, reminiscent of Tuscany. You'll definitely want to spend a few days photographing here!

Learn more: Visit Anja's official website at

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