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Our forum is a fun place to connect with other passionate photographers, share photos, ask and answer questions, and get feedback from others. 

  1. Notifications: You can easily change your notification settings, just go to your profile and choose "Settings." Here's a quick tutorial

  2. Sharing Photos: When posting photos, please ensure that the image is no larger than 1500px on the longest side. Jpeg format is preferred.

  3. Original Content: Only post photos that you have taken. Posting any material that infringes on someone else's copyright is prohibited.

  4. Photo Critiques: If you want the chance to be featured in our regular Photo Critique videos, then submit to the Photo Critique category.

  5. Don't Be a Jerk: This forum will work best if everyone is courteous and polite, so please be nice. No trolls allowed! 

  6. No Flamewar Zone: Gear flamewars are not allowed! Polite discussion and advice about gear is perfectly fine, but if you find yourself typing a response that starts with "you must be stupid if you like that brand," then maybe it's time to step away from the keyboard. 

  7. Registration Required to Post or Comment: We don't mind lurkers, but if you want to get in on the fun, you'll need to register.

  8. Report Bad Behavior: If someone is being naughty, please let us know

  9. Harsh Discipline: We reserve the right to discipline naughty members as we see fit. We'll try starting with a time out, but we can and will escalate from there if we have to. We'd rather not revoke posting privileges, but we reserve the right to do so if necessary. So, once again: please be nice!

See? That was easy. Now go and have some fun!




Exchange knowledge about gear and photo techniques with others.

Share your photos for fun or to receive constructive critiques from other members.

We're stronger together! Join and grow with other passionate photographers.

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